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Digital marketing is a specialist area of marketing and one that is becoming increasingly popular as a career choice due to the increased use of the Internet.

A digital marketing professional will need to be tech savvy, have an interest in, and be on trend with, emerging technologies and also have an understanding or experience in traditional marketing.



What do digital marketing professionals do?

A digital marketing role involves marketing a brand through online channels including websites (the company’s and those visited by the target audience), mobile, social media, blogs and email in order to increase interaction and open channels of communication with existing and potential clients. A digital marketing professional will maintain websites through updating and writing content, reporting on and analyzing web traffic to the website, creating and maintaining social media, working with web designers and most importantly be able to effectively communicate the relevance and importance of digital marketing to non-digital stakeholders.

What skills do I need in order to become a digital marketing professional?

"It’s important you are completely up-to-date with emerging technologies and advances, and actively involved and interested in online campaigns and social media. Digital marketing professionals will need to think creatively about how to utilize technologies, develop innovative marketing campaigns and be confident in writing copy for websites and campaigns." – Alia Ciumac, Consultant at Robert Walters Dubai.

Which qualifications do I need in order to become a digital marketing professional?

For an entry-level role into digital marketing you will need to have a tertiary qualification in marketing, communications or graphic/web design, show creativity and have an interest in - and passion for - emerging technologies. If you are an experienced generalist looking to move across into the specialist area you will need a proven knowledge and understanding of digital marketing campaigns, have attended specialist training courses and have a solid interest in digital and emerging technologies.

How much can I earn working as a digital marketer?

Digital marketing professionals have specialist skills and knowledge and therefore can command higher salaries than generalist marketers at a similar level.

To find out how much digital marketing professionals can earn in the Middle East and view the Robert Walters Salary Survey. The Salary Survey is available as an App for download on iOS and Android.


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