Transitioning to a new marketing job

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One of the most exciting challenges in anyone's career is starting a new job. However, this can also be an incredibly stressful and demanding time especially if you are transferring between specialisms or industries.

Here we take a look at a few things you need to consider when starting a new marketing job.


Take the time to do some research. Learn all you can about your new employer. Learn about their product lines, their philosophies, and their corporate culture. Call around to see if anyone in your network knows any of your future co-workers and ask that person to introduce you prior to your first day.

Be enthusiastic 

Be polite and friendly to everyone you encounter, whether it's the receptionist or the mailroom clerk, your colleagues or your new boss. Introduce yourself to those you meet and remember that it's okay to ask questions. By definition you are new to the business so you should demonstrate your enthusiasm for the new opportunity.

Be prepared to adjust

A new job means new relationships - things you will have taken for granted in your old job, such as the location of files, stationery, processes in place and who to go to in certain instances, will all become obstacles when you first start your role. Be prepared for the adjustments you will need to make and be aware of the challenge in front of you.

Be prepared for the adjustments you will need to make and be aware of the challenge in front of you.

Dress appropriately

Base what you wear on what the employees interviewing you wore. You need to dress appropriately for the new industry/specialism you are joining. You may have previously been working in a creative agency where flip flops were acceptable attire but the dress code in a bank, for example will be very different.

Anticipate challenges

The first few weeks of a new job are always difficult - even seasoned professionals admit starting a new job is tough. Professionals must realise that the job will never be exactly as you expected - however if you anticipate the challenges ahead, your transition into the new organisation can be much smoother.

Don’t be afraid to learn

Don’t be afraid to be the learner, you will be keen to impress your co-workers as a valuable asset and show your boss that you are intelligent, competent and talented - however don’t let this get in the way of your learning.  Write things down - it will help you pick things up more easily such as co-workers names. The first few months are a time to listen, learn and absorb all that you can to enable you to carry out your new role effectively.


Remember you took the new opportunity because you wanted a change. Embrace everything that is thrown at you, wear a smile and try and make the best impression possible.

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