Key benefits of working in commerce and industry

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If you’re a newly qualified accountant then it’s more than likely that you’re considering your next career move.

With our industry leading expertise, the Robert Walters team can provide you with the information you need when considering a career in commerce and industry.

Range of choices 

One thing you will find in commerce and industry is diversity. Offering a broad range of organisation types, sizes and roles it’s likely that you will have a lot of options to consider. Similarly, you will also find that you will have access to an enormous range of opportunities across start up’s, medium sized businesses and multinationals. It’s also important to note that accountants operating within commerce and industry will find a lot more flexibility in where they can work in the world, not being geographically constricted to the major finance capitals.

One thing you will find in commerce and industry is diversity. It is likely that you will have a lot of options to consider with the broad range of organisations and roles available. 


One of the key desirables attracting accountants into the world of commerce and industry is the variety of industry sectors on offer, enabling you to work within varying areas across the private sector. Here you will find it much less likely to become 'pigeon-holed', allowing your skills to be easily transferred across different sectors. Additionally, you may also find less restrictions in your career path. If you’re a professional with aspirations toward becoming a CFO of a start up or a multinational corporation or likewise a CEO or COO, then commerce may be an optimal route.

Which sector? 

Although opportunities are expansive in commerce and industry, the sector and size of the organisation you join will most likely dictate the types of roles available to you. For instance, if you find yourself within the energy market, you may find the ability to travel to mineral rich areas such as Australia or the US so that you can build local relationships or perform audits.

Comparatively, you may find that other markets are somewhat restrictive if they are Middle East-centric or the size of the organisation dictates the level exposure you have to the rest of the business. In commerce and industry, you may find that although the job description can be quite comparable, the position will only be as diverse as the organisation you are working within.

If you are looking to branch out as a newly-qualified accountant you can consider a broad range of sectors;  

- Construction

- Energy / natural resources

- Real estate / property

- Professional services

- FMCG / retail

- IT / hi-tech / telecommunications

- Manufacturing

- Marketing / media / advertising

- Pharmaceuticals / bio-technology

- Public sector / not for profit / charities

Working with household names

Many candidates find the allure of working with household names part of the excitement toward a career in commerce and industry. It also provides candidates a chance to immerse themselves in commercial decision making processes quite early in their careers.  

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