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Robert Walters & KPMG

Robert Walters in collaboration with KPMG, hosted a breakfast discussion for senior technology professionals around Intelligent Automation on the 23rd April 2019.

KPMG’s Digital Innovation team, led by Matin Jouzdani and Mohamad Majid, discussed how Intelligent Automation will impact the way we work. 

Key take-home points from the event:

KPMG’s recent survey report shows that 50% of respondents would be using Intelligent Automation technologies within 3 years. 

IA can also unlock multiple benefits that are not only related to cost reduction such as quality, flexibility, speed, productivity, process efficiency and value driven management. 

Insight about Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has been identified to be applied across various functions. 

Currently, the term AI always refers to weak artificial intelligence. However, given the fast pace of technological development, it must be assumed that artificial intelligence will need to be more broadly defined in the future. 

Indeed, there may be a variety of thinking entities soon — strong intelligence could then include humans, hybrid forms (with electronic implants, prostheses, etc.), autonomous artificial intelligence or even fully artificial life forms.

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