Banking & Financial Services: Sector Spotlight

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Calculate the salaries for sought after banking & financial services roles.

Developed to support employers looking to attract, retain and benchmark talent and professionals looking to find out their worth and plan their next career move, the enhanced 2020 Salary Survey unlocks a wealth of employment insight derived from the evalulation of over 100,000 roles and the views of over 9,000 UAE employees.

The 2020 Salary Survey covers banking & financial services salary and employment trends in Middle East across the following areas:

  • Banking Operations
  • Compliance
  • Risk
  • Financial Crime
  • Investment Management
  • Investment Banking
  • Insolvency

Banking & Financial Services key trends


60% of banking and financial services professionals state that they are likely to leave their role if they receive no pay increase or bonus.


54% of banking and financial services professionals are expecting a salary increase of up to 10%.


21% of banking & financial services professionals are expecting a bonus of 10-20% of their salary.

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Determinants of job satisfaction

Industry trends to look out for

Progression opportunities

  • Competitive salary & benefits
  • Challenging and interesting work
  • Good work-life balance
  • Automation
  • Agile design
  • Additive manufacturing
  • 40% of manufacturing & engineering professionals lack opportunities to progress
  • Over half would leave if their progression path was unclear

Hotspot roles - Banking & Financial Services

What banking & financial services skill sets will be in demand in 2020? Pre-order the report to explore the hiring trends across the top 10 banking & financial services talent hotspots:

woman smiling in office looking at salary report
  • Compliance (3.8%)
  • Change Management (3.3%)
  • Credit Risk (5,3%)
  • Investment Management (6.4%)
  • Banking Operations (4.2%)
  • Financial Management (3.2%)
  • Research/Analyst (1.2%)
  • Financial Crime (1.2%)
  • Internal Audit (3.9%)
  • Insolvency (2.4%) 

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