Writing an effective digital marketing CV

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Digital roles are increasing by the day, as employers invest more heavily in their digital marketing functions.

As demand for digital expertise continues to increase, so are employer expectations of their star candidate. 

Here are our top tips to set your CV apart from the crowd.

Consider your audience

First and foremost, consider your audience. Are you looking to work in a multinational organisation? An up and coming start-up? A niche digital agency?  

It goes without saying that the more tailored your CV is to the recruiting organisation, the more likely it will get read by the right person.

Wherever you want to be, make sure you understand what they will be looking for, highlighting the skills, traits and experience that will most excite their interest. 

Emphasise your key selling points

Digital marketing is a competitive field and to get noticed, you’ll need to highlight what makes your experience unique and valuable to your prospective employer. This can be a combination of both hard and soft skills, communicated clearly to reinforce your unique proposition compared to someone else in the process.

Digital marketing is a competitive field and to get noticed, you’ll need to highlight what makes your experience unique and valuable to your prospective employer.

Points of interest may not just be your technical capabilities, but how this blends with your educational background, creativity and passion for the field as well as your industry awareness. 


As with any digital marketing campaign, constructing your CV needs to be strategic. Make sure to structure your CV in the most logical manner, suited to the employer you are looking to engage with.

After putting your CV together, make sure you check how the information flows, assessing whether it highlights the most salient points and adequately reflects your value proposition.

Demonstrate your performance

Digital marketing is field which lends itself to of analytics and an ability to track and measure results. Wherever possible, include specific examples in your CV, indicating exactly where you have added value and what the impact was on ROI. Remember, using true rather than rounded figures wherever possible will reflect their authenticity. For example, ‘Launched Company X’s first blog, increased web traffic to site by 36% over three months.’

Using italics and bold font where appropriate can also highlight your key achievements. Reducing the likelihood of being be glossed over amidst a large pile of CVs.

Include relevant experience

It can sometimes be the projects we place less value on personally that can be the most exciting to potential employers. Make sure you demonstrate as much breadth as possible to increase your chances of striking their interest and so they can understand the spectrum of your experience.

Remember, only take credit where credit is due, referencing your personal contribution to a project wherever possible, rather than the results of the team. Although it is often difficult to track individual results, make sure it’s clear where you have contributed to the overall project and cumulative results.

Be passionate

Digital Marketing is a fast moving and ever developing field and employers will want to see your enthusiasm to develop best practice as well as your commitment to educating yourself on upcoming trends. Don’t be afraid to demonstrate this in your cover letter and if possible, demonstrate where your passion has resulted in tangible results.

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