What does a career in procurement offer?

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Procurement is one of the fastest growing professions in business and offers some fantastic careers.

Procurement is everywhere, but a procurement role is more than just buying things and spending money. It provides strategy, relationship management, sustainability skill that are easily transferable across different sectors. This brief article explains the main benefits of procurement. 



Key role in your organisation

Procurement professionals play a highly important role in business and you’ll be involved with many of the biggest issues a company faces, such as budget and cash flow management. Every business, of a reasonable size globally, requires purchasing to help run their business – so your impact can be enormous. 

A procurement role is more than just buying things and spending money. It provides strategy, relationship management, and sustainability skills that are easily transferable across different sectors. 


Variety is a key benefit in the eyes of many - you can be involved in the purchase of anything; from the energy needed to run a business to the components of a product.

You will need to be offer a range of commercial insights to your business. For example, you will be a key component in any green or sustainable practices the business adopts, you will need to closely manage your supply chain, drive efficiencies and often work on a local, national and global level. What this means is day-to-day your job is always different and two days are very rarely the same. 

Rewards and opportunities 

Demand in this profession has remained strong even in the current climate. Procurement professionals can have a significant impact on the bottom line and therefore those who can demonstrate the ability to deliver real commercial benefits to an organisation are highly sought after. Salaries within procurement are growing faster than many other professions and these jobs are well paid and offer real career development opportunities.

In addition, the global nature of supply chains, and the different areas procurement covers, means the opportunities to travel are extensive.

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