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Sales recruitment has remained steady in the UAE and has been the most improved market within Saudi Arabia. Technology, especially software, has been a relatively buoyant market so far across the region.

Hiring levels in the UAE remained steady. However the highest levels of demand were in technology (software) and data/business intelligence.

Demand for sales managers and directors who are Saudi nationals was highest, particularly those that who are Western-educated and have experience working in the private sector for global firms.

We expect that 2019 will be a slight improvement on 2018. Oil prices are forecast to remain above $70, which is the most important economic factor in the Middle East. As such, demand for sales professionals in sectors such as technology will continue to grow whilst FMCG will remain stagnant.

Salaries are expected to remain the same, with only a marginal improvement to packages. Professionals will be swayed by opportunities that offer attractive uncapped OTE earnings.

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