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Developing high-performing teams whitepaper

Find out how to develop high-performing teams in your organisation to drive business performance and engagement.
three creatives at work

Engineering new talent pools

This whitepaper identifies new strategies and channels for talent acquisition and explores the ways employers can reach these new sources of talent to combat skills shortages.
Finance professionals using tablet

Bridging the skills gap in finance functions

The role finance teams are expected to play within businesses is evolving. We explore which skills finance managers are most keen to bring into their teams and the strategies available to develop these skills within their teams.

Recruiting professionals in a candidate short market

Two-thirds of businesses do not have a plan for hiring white collar staff in ‘talent short’ markets, despite rising demand and competitive hiring conditions

Attracting and retaining Millennials

The fourth installment in the Middle East Insight Series, this whitepapers looks at attracting and retaining Millennials in the workplace.

Recruitment in Iran

This whitepaper explores the impact of relaxed trade sanctions on Iran and what effects it will have on recruitment.