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Legal professional preparing for job interview

8 ways to prepare for a legal job interview

Legal job interviews can be a daunting process wherever you are in your career, take the worry out of your next interview by following these quick and easy tips from our industry experts…
Male IT professional searching for latest opportunities

5 expert tips for your next IT interview

We all want to work for a company that we can feel good about and that’s aligned with our core values. So how do you find an employer you can believe in? Here are a few key questions to ask…

5 IT interview mistakes

Your interview is likely to mean the difference between getting the job and not being successful. Avoid the 5 common mistakes.

Competency based questions

We explore some of the key tips that can aid you in best preparing to confidently answer competency based questions.
female working on computer and hold her glasses as she thinks

Preparing for an accounting job

One of the most exciting challenges in any marketer’s career is starting a new job. However, this can also be an incredibly stressful and demanding time especially if you are transferring between specialisms or industries.

Second interviews - how to impress

Most employers will insist on at least two rounds of interviews before offering a job, and it's important to be able to nail the second stage as this is often a final obstacle.
professionals working together on a project

Researching companies

A common mistakes in an interview is to carry out insufficient research on those you are meeting with. It is important to conduct some research into the companies you are interviewing for.
modern building with blue sky

How to be successful in skype interviews

Although a valuable resource for both candidates and organisations, there are some key things that need to be considered to have a successful skype interview
neon yellow wording signage

Writing an effective digital marketing CV

As demand for digital expertise continues to increase, so too are employer expectations. Here are our top tips to set your CV apart from the crowd.