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Six ways to turn a job rejection to your advantage

No one enjoys getting turned down for a job. But with the right mindset, you can turn the experience into a career development opportunity

5 questions to ask when considering a counter-offer

Changing jobs is never easy. Before accepting a new role, you should keep in mind if you're ready for this new opportunity. Here we suggest 5 key questions to ask when considering a counter-offer.

Negotiating your salary

Having a thorough understanding of the market conditions impacting your industry and your value to a company is key when negotiating your salary. Read more key tips to help negotiate a pay rise or promotion.

Post-internship job offers

Many companies offer new professionals internships at the start of their career. Here are 7 tips to help you secure a role after an internship.

Getting the salary you want

The key to a successful negotiation is being prepared for the discussion before it occurs by having a good idea what you are worth and why.

Negotiate a higher salary

Whether you have been in a role for a while or you are being interviewed for a new job, you need to be prepared if asking for a higher salary than is on offer.

Accepting a counter offer

Here we look at the factors you should consider when deciding between a new position and a counter offer from your current employer.

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