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In what can be described as a competitive job market, making sure you get the most from your recruitment consultancy has never been more important.

Specialist recruiters are extremely well-connected in the market and can often be the starting point for a fantastic new avenue in your career.



Choose wisely

Align yourself with a specialist recruiter in the market, not only specialising in your profession but within your specific industry sector. Doing this will not only ensure you are exposed to the widest range of opportunities possible but you will be in front of organisations particularly matched to your aspirations and experience.

Communication and honesty

It is important to have not only open but frank conversations with your recruiter, discussing what your experience entails but also where your aspirations lie. Recruitment consultants are typically very akin to spotting embellishments and likewise conduct referencing procedures on behalf of their clients.

Similarly, you want to ensure they are keeping you in mind for the most appropriate positions available. For instance, if you have a strong desire to work in another area of commerce and industry make sure you discuss this, providing clear examples of where your experience is relevant most relevant.

Align yourself with a specialist recruiter in the market, not only specialising in your profession but within your specific industry sector.

Personal presentation

When you arrive for the interview with your consultant, remember to treat this as you would a formal interview process – arriving 5-10 minutes early and ensuring your present yourself in the same manner as you would for the company you would like to work for. Doing this will allow your recruiter to best consult you on your presentation and interview style and provide you with advice on how to adjust or improve your presentation for their client. Enthusiasm is key and the more favourably that you present yourself; the easier it will be for the consultant to highlight your best qualities.

Stay connected

Despite having met with your consultant, it is always good to keep up regular contact, notifying them of any changes in your situation and to update them on your progress. If anything changes favourably on your CV, it is essential that they are aware, making sure you are front of mind and they are fully-up-to-date on where your experience lies.

Be responsive

Although it can be difficult to keep in touch with recruiters during business hours, it is essential to keep the communication going as your responsiveness can often be a reflection of your professionalism. If your recruiter provides you with an opportunity which is not of interest, make sure to let them know why so that they can best approach you with more suitable positions as they arise.

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