Robert Walters attends Zayed University Career Fair

Robert Walters Career spotlight

Robert Walters got to attend the Career Spotlight on the 27th February 2019 at Zayed University. As the Emiratization initiative expands in the UAE, the Robert Walters Dubai office is honoured to be able to have joined such an event as we continue expanding our recruitment work within Emiratization.

Many bright, ambitious graduates and potential candidates had a chance to engage a conversation with the recruiters and have explained to them how Robert Walters can help them land jobs in industries we specialize.

About the Zayed University Career Spotlight

There were 10,000 Emirati graduates who attended this years’ career fair. The career fair aims to support Emiratization and provide work and training opportunities for Zayed University students by attracting many organizations that offer program in various fields.

Dr. Sulaiman Al Jassim, Vice-President of Zayed University, said the Career Fair is a good opportunity to deal with market needs by cooperating with major organizations and institutions and exchange experiences and knowledge, where the university presents its academic programs and diverse majors and the organizations present their training programs, strategies and job offers. The university organizes the Career Fair in both Abu Dhabi and Dubai Campuses which shows the university's great interest in providing job opportunities for its graduates and present the skills of its students, seeing that such events play a vital role in strengthening relationships between institutions, public and private organizations and universities in the UAE.

Should you require any assistance on Emiratization recruitment, please reach out to Jason Grundy at 04 818 0100. 

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