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Our outlook for 2023 in the Middle East

Across the Middle East, the recruitment market has been positive and expansive. We anticipate a continuing positive market into 2023.  Movement of people has been a strong theme in 2022 and this combined with cost-of-living pressure means salaries have been increasing across many sectors. 

Longer serving professionals may find their renumeration is out of kilter with newer employees in some organisations. We have seen a greater number of salary re-balances and buy-backs at the resignation stage than in previous years.  

Many companies across the Middle East have focussed on change related to enhancing both flexibility and benefit packages. Our Market Intelligence team has identified trends in the main hubs of the Middle East, which have not been seen before, such as bold work from home policies and flexibility on working hours throughout organisations. 

The war on talent in some sectors has seen huge enhancements to benefit packages for all levels of employees to combat retention issues. 

Overall salaries are expected to continue to rise in 2023, albeit, at a slower rate, while oil prices continue to trend above $100 a barrel.

Jason Grundy
Managing Director, Middle East & Africa

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