Robert Walters HR Breakfast Event

Robert Walters DIFC Arts Night

Robert Walters partnered with Propel International, an award-winning Talent Assessment and Development Consultancy for a HR breakfast event on Thursday, 21 November 2019.

Dr. Alan Bourne, CEO and Founder of Sova Assessment, co-provider to Propel of psychometric assessments explored what AI in assessment means, its potential benefits, key risks and factors to consider when including AI-based assessments into recruitment approach.

The topic broadly focused on the below flow:

  • What we mean by AI in assessment
  • The potential benefits but also key pitfalls and risk that need to be managed
  • What to look out for and what matters when considering how AI-based assessment can add value to recruitment
  • Practical examples of applying AI with impact in assessment
  • The need for a focus on responsible and innovative AI

In conclusion, responsible and innovative AI could help in decision-making to be led by science and not just technology. With the right approach, there is a huge opportunity to improve assessment outcomes and impact.

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